Team Accounts

CalTopo and SARTopo team accounts make it easier for your members to collaborate and manage data. These accounts offer seamless data sharing, team-specific customizations and data, and real-time geospatial tracking of team members.

We also offer Enterprise Accounts for larger organizations that include multiple team and sub-team accounts. For further information and pricing for enterprise accounts please contact us directly

Additional information is also available at :

Specific features include:

  • Quick access to incident maps for all members, when saved to the team account

  • Full access to paid SARTopo features for all team members (equivalent of a desktop subscription)

  • Site license for SARTopo Offline, covering both personal and team-owned computers

  • Nearly unlimited offline downloads for each member, across Android, iOS, and desktop

  • Team-wide custom layers and icons

  • Permissions/Access management for maps and users

  • Automatically sign in with existing team email accounts (ask for details)

Team Size

Standard Team Pricing













For organizations larger than 150 users, or that want to manage multiple team accounts, CalTopo offers enterprise accounts. These accounts are designed and priced for an entire organization and include multiple team and sub-team accounts as well as the opportunity for in person training from CalTopo, uptime guarantees, and different payment terms and options. Review our standard Enterprise Agreement, and please contact us directly for pricing.

*CalTopo offers organizations that rely primarily on volunteers (even if they have a few paid employees) a large discount on team accounts. Some of these organizations include volunteer Search and Rescue Teams or Volunteer Fire Departments, among other organizations. Discounted pricing shown above assumes that teams meet this qualification.

Use of the term volunteer is not a synonym for non-profit since many volunteer SAR organizations and fire departments qualify for discounted pricing even if they are not 501(c)3, and not all 501(c)3 organizations qualify for discounted pricing as above.

Any questions about which account is the right one, or if you are eligible for discounted team pricing please reach out to and we will happy to assist you.