Individual Subscription Options & Pricing

Our platform is free to use for as long as you want with additional features available as part of a yearly subscription.

Free and discounted accounts are available for first response use, and for some consumer facing outdoor employees. More information can be found here. Contact with questions or for additional information.

We include a huge number of features for free on both the website and on the mobile apps. However the following outlines the differences in the paid accounts. All subscriptions are fully refundable if you are not satisfied.


COMPARE Pricing options

Base Layers Available for Offline Download in Mobile App

Topographic Maps

(MapBuilder Topo, Scanned Topos, US Forest Service Topo)


(MapBuilder, Shaded Relief, Slope Angle Shading, Contours)

Aerial Imagery

(NAIP Imagery - US Coverage only)

Premium Layers:

(Map Builder Hybrid,

MVUM, Parcel Data)

Additional Layers

Weekly High Resolution Layer (online only)

Additional Features

Exportable PDFs

Unlimited Non-public maps

CalTopo layers in Google Earth

WMS and WMTS layers for GIS

Exportable elevation profiles

CalTopo Mobile Apps



Maximum size of 8.5" x 11"



pER Year

Maximum size of 13″ x 19″



pER Year

Maximum size of 48″ x 48″



pER Year

Maximum size of 48″ x 48″

Most map layers are available while online for all users (including free users), but in order to download maps and go off the grid you are required to have a subscription. CalTopo offers subscribers nearly unlimited downloads.