To help you make the right decision about a subscription the following contains detailed information about CalTopo subscriptions. We also include a huge number of features for free on both the website and on the mobile apps.

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The key features that change by purchasing a subscription are:

  • Number of private maps
  • Larger PDFs for printing or export (size of page and number of pages)
  • Offline data in app or on desktop
  • Specialized export, and use cases (KMZ, Google Earth, WMS, WMTS, etc)

The differences in each subscription with regard to these features are highlighted below:

Free Basic Pro Desktop
Private Maps 5 Private Maps 20 Private Maps 200 Private Maps Same as Pro
PDF Generation 8.5"x11" PDFs only
Up to 5 pages long
Up to 13"x19" PDFs
Up to 15 pages of 8.5"x11"
Up to 48"x48" PDFs
Up to 40 pages of 8.5"x11"
Same as Pro
Map Layers No offline map data or layers Focused on topographic maps and are only available at standard resolution.
  • Map Builder Topo
  • Map Builder Overlay
  • Scanned 7.5" Topo
  • FS Topo
  • Shaded Relief
  • Slope angle shading (Only offered in high res regardless of subscription)
Includes aerial imagery and high res imagery
  • Includes all the above listed layers
  • NAIP Aerial Imagery (2 different years available)
  • MapBuilder Hybrid
  • Weekly High Res
Includes all offline available layers and desktop software
  • All layers available offline are available to desktop subscribers on both desktop application and mobile app
  • Desktop subscription also includes a PC/Mac application which includes the ability to download maps for offline use to a personal computer up to a cap of 300GB a year

All map layers are available online for all users (including free users), but in order to download maps and go off the grid you are required to have a subscription. CalTopo offers nearly unlimited downloads of a variety of layers based upon subscription level.

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